Is 60hz Good for Gaming? 60hz Refresh Rate Possible?

You’ve probably seen all the new gaming monitors advertising crazy high refresh rates like 144hz or 360hz and even 500hz these days. 

But what about the entry-level 60hz display? Does it really hold you back from enjoying games to their fullest? Is 60hz good for gaming at resolutions like 1080p, 4K, or 2K?

In this post, I’ll discuss whether 60hz is “good enough” and help you decide if you really need to upgrade or if a good old 60Hz screen will still serve you well.

Is 60hz Good for Gaming?

Let me tell you, the answer is not as simple as a yes or no. But firstly, I need to break down some points. 

A 60Hz monitor can display up to 60 frames per second. This means that the screen refreshes 60 times every second. Remember, refresh rate (Hz) and frames per second (FPS) are not the same but are connected.

refresh rate example with picture

For example (60hz vs 120hz), if your PC hardware (CPU, graphics card, RAM) is capable enough to run games steadily at 120 FPS but you have a 60 Hz monitor, You will only see 60 frames per second because the monitor refreshes 60 times every second, hence no more than 60 FPS while gaming.

However, if your PC hardware (low specs) can only produce 30 fps within a game, you will only see 30 fps due to hardware limitations. Hence, no more than 30 FPS while gaming, even if your monitor has 120Hz, 240Hz, or refresh rates.

Usually, the one with the smallest number is the one you will see on the screen.

In monitors, Hz refers essentially to how many times per second an image gets updated on your screen.

Now, returning to the question, Is a 60 Hz monitor good for playing? The answer lies in what type of gamer you are, what your needs are, and what kind of games you play.

Action-packed titles vs slower-paced games

To be direct, to enjoy fast-paced and action-packed titles like first-person shooters, a 60 Hz monitor is not sufficient. These types of games require quick reflexes and precision, making higher Hertz (Hz) / refresh rates (such as 120Hz or even 240Hz) becomes necessary. 

On the other hand, for slower-paced games such as adventure, indie, strategy, story, or simulation games, a 60 Hz monitor is more than enough because games like these don’t require rapid movements or quick response times, so the refresh rate is less important. Moreover, a monitor with high resolutions like 2K or 4K can greatly enhance the gaming experience in these games, even on 60Hz.

System’s capabilities and limitations

Remember to consider your system’s capabilities and limitations when it comes to running high-end graphic settings at a higher frame rate. Even with a 144Hz monitor, the extra cost and features become unusable if your system can only produce 60 fps.

In other words, you need to find a balance between your PC’s hardware (GPU) and the monitor’s capabilities. If your system can handle high frame rates in the first place at max settings, then investing in a best refresh rate monitor is worth it. Otherwise, a 60 Hz monitor is a better option, and the money saved can be used for other components.

Pros and cons of using a 60Hz monitor for gaming

There are many reasons for you to choose a 60 Hz monitor. They are typically cheaper and more available than monitors with higher refresh rates. They are also suitable for various games with less powerful gaming PC systems.

You can also find many curved monitors with 4K 60Hz or HDR resolutions, meaning you don’t necessarily sacrifice visual quality when considering budget monitors. In fact, playing games in 60FPS at 2K and especially 4K resolution can deliver a visually stunning experience with fine smooth.

You may not get the same experience in higher frame rates, but yes the details and clarity of the visuals will still be more impressive.

On the other hand, as mentioned earlier, high-action games particularly competitive ones that require quick movements, may feel less responsive or become blurry in clutch situations on a 60Hz monitor for gaming.

Thus, if you want to enjoy competitive gaming and need every advantage possible, then a 60Hz monitor for gaming is not the choice. You may experience input lag or screen tearing, hindering your performance and gameplay. Such games will benefit more from higher refresh rates. 

Again, if you already have the hardware to run higher frame rates, limiting yourself to lower options can be a waste.

In summary:

  • Pros:
  • Affordable and widely available
  • Suitable for a wide range of games
  • Can still deliver stunning visuals at High resolutions
  • Cons:
  • May feel less responsive in high action games, especially competitive ones
  • Not ideal for those who prioritize performance and competitiveness in gaming

What type of Gamer should buy a 60Hz Monitor?

Gaming on monitor

Overall, most gamers will benefit from 60Hz monitors, mainly casual and novice fans, or those on a budget will be more than satisfied with a budget 60Hz refresh rate monitor and can create a decent setup without worrying about high prices.

75Hz monitors are fine and aren’t much different if you compare them with a 60Hz monitor for gaming, it would be better to invest a little more money in a more Hz monitor.

If you are a gaming enthusiast or have just recently become addicted, I will say right away that it is better not to take 60 Hz because, in the end, you will still have to change to a monitor with a higher refresh rate. It is better to save money and buy a more expensive one with at least a 120Hz monitor to get a competitive advantage and a seamless experience with minimal screen tearing.

Final Words

While the ever-changing gaming landscape demands high monitor refresh rates, 60Hz remains the standard refresh rate in gaming. It is more than enough when it comes to gaming like a casual strategy and adventure play. 

In the end, is 60Hz monitor good for gaming? 

For most people, yes. When answering this question for yourself, consider your gaming habits, budget, and goals to determine if a 60Hz monitor upgrade is right for you.

But if you need a competitive advantage, 144hz won’t be enough, but more such as 240Ghz, and 360Ghz, as long as you have the PC to support the high refresh rate.


Is 60hz OK for gaming?

A 60Hz refresh rate is generally OK for gaming, especially for casual gamers or those playing less demanding titles. However, it won’t provide the smoothest and most responsive gaming experience for fast-paced or competitive games where 144Hz is norm.

Is 60hz good for gaming PS5?

A 60Hz refresh rate is considered sufficient for gaming on a PS5, even many console games which are often designed with this frame rate in mind. Most PS5 games are optimized to run at 30 frames per second (fps) or 60 fps, with some capable of running at higher frame rates if the game and display support it.

Is 60hz good for gaming Xbox series x?

A 60Hz display can provide an enjoyable gaming experience for genres such as single-player games where high refresh rates are less critical. As Xbox Series X supports refresh rates up to 144Hz for the best gaming experience.

Is 4K 60Hz better than 2k 144Hz for gaming?

If you prefer to enjoy immersive gaming experiences, you should prefer the higher resolution (4K) for its enhanced detail and clarity. Because 4K resolution would be best even at 60Hz for single-player games or those with slower-paced gameplay. However, if you prioritize smooth gameplay and responsiveness, the higher refresh rate (144Hz) is more appealing.


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