10+ Helpful Pros and Cons of Curved Monitor, (Overall Guide to Curved Monitor).

Curved monitors have become a quite popular and new trend with demanding PC users, and there are also curved TVs. You should aware of the remarkable curved monitor pros and cons either for casual use, gaming use, or at the office. I will help you to know the better need, worth, and suitability.

Higher quality and more immersive experience is the one main reason that people use to buy a curved monitor. That’s why, before very few, but now in recent months curved screens have been presented by many popular manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, and LG.

But what kind of advantages and disadvantages does this type of curved screen technology present? or a curved monitor for PC worth it?

Pros and Cons of Curved Monitor

Since the monitors introduced first in 1973. But today, you can even find different monitors (including Flat and curved Screens) with similar specifications and somehow up and down.

This innovation is possible due to the strong competition between major brands. We can expect monitors, to become less and less expensive in the future for us.

However, a curved screen monitor is a relatively recent innovation that has many variations in specifications such as resolution, monitor response time, refresh rate, and even curvature along with 4K and HDR technologies.

We were all impressed as a viewer with the introduction of curved screens. But is it worth it for office and casual work and what benefits it offers for gaming?

Therefore, in this article, I will tell you what are the benefits of drawbacks of a curved monitor and in which condition the curved monitor will be better and worth it for you, by knowing all the useful pros and cons of curved monitor.

6 Pros of Curved Monitor

1. More Immersive Experience

High level of immersive

A Top-level of immersion is the main reason increasingly people are looking to get a curved monitor. This is possibly the biggest benefit when considering purchasing a curved monitor.

Curved regular or gaming monitors provide are great for watching movies compared to those flat screens. The monitor offers a more realistic viewing experience and makes the feeling of being there while watching movies and TV series.

This happens because of the fact that the curved shape of these panels and it more emulates the functioning of the human field of vision we focus only on the screen since it appears that it is everything that surrounds us.

Unlike flat screens (which have 2 dimensions), curved screens have the advantage of displaying the image in 3 dimensions with rounded edges of the screens connect peripheral vision, they seek to try to “trick” the human eye and tell the brain that it is real.

This is somehow similar to VR headsets work. Fold the screen in a way to help you immerse yourself in living in a greater sense of reality. Such a curved monitor is very relevant for gamers in order to expand the viewer’s field of vision also to improve their gaming experience in Windows 10 or 11 and help to deeply immerse themselves in the virtual world.

In this way, it is capable to gives us a much more intense visualization of reality and much more likely to enjoy the experience than flat monitors. It is mostly achieved on a large screen i.e 60 inches otherwise this immersion effect will be no longer last as much as effective.

2. Offers Greater Field of View

Offers Greater Field of Ultra-Wide View

One of the main benefits of a bent screen is the viewing angles. Sitting right in front of the screen in the center, covers a larger sector of the player’s view, thereby giving the impression that your view is even larger in comparison with a flat monitor of the same size and diagonal.

Due to the fact that the field of view is completely covered by the image, objects on the periphery do not distract from viewing. It also allows you to notice details on the sides of the edge. In this way, you can more appreciate all kinds of details.

Also, the geometry of the viewing angle and curved screens direct light into the viewer’s eye results in an ultra-wide view of the field without a lot of eye strain. Allowing you to better enhance your experience by watching movies.

View on Curved and Flat Monitors

It can help improve game performance in the event that you have a more visual contribution to deal with fast-paced games like an online FPS. That is, the slight shape of the monitor makes the image more realistic by curving it around the player’s field of view.

Moreover, another benefit of curved monitors is its never-before-seen picture contrast levels are better suited for natural viewing angles resulting in appearing much sharper images on the edges than on conventional monitors.

3. More Comfortable For Eyes

The same curved and angle that limits distortion of the curved screen also makes it more comfortable in viewing and reducing eye strain. In essence, the curvature of the monitors allows our eyes to see everything at once, effortlessly.

The computer monitors with curved edges allow the arrival of the screens’ light from any angle and with less exertion, which makes us see these panels as larger than they seem to be. In this way, helps to see the content in a new way, pushes the limits of the possible, and offers the viewer a new evolved reality with comfort.

Due to the more immersive experience that curved panels provide, our eyes perceive pictures from these screens with less effort in contrast to a flat screen. This is because, as the human eye is rounded, these devices copy its shape and allow a more direct straightforward without causing the eyestrain.

Good to Know ~ The shape of the curved monitor is identical to the sphere that the human eye covers. It additionally reduces the eyes dryness and computer fatigue by 10%. (As per the research)

By being able to perceive a curved screen completely, even at its largest sizes of monitor, your eyes will benefit from that natural sense of comfort. In other words, if the screen exceeds the viewer’s natural field of view. The ability to effortlessly perceive a scene is something that happens naturally in regular daily existence.

4. Decreased Distortion and Glare

Decreased Distortion and Glare

Less distortion is another advantage of curved monitors over flat monitors, as distortion problems are diminished in curved monitors. This is, because flat monitors project their images, both towards viewers and beyond their sides in a straight line.

On the other hand, slightly curved screens take an advantage of their shape, allows the image to reach our eyes more straightforwardly, giving a more natural and lifelike representation and pointing everything at the viewer, thus limiting distortion.

The radius of curvature of these screens reproduces that of the human eye, so they assurance to give less eye strain and a more natural, less “distorted” perception of panoramic images.

Imagine how annoying it is to see a glare on the screen. But, thanks to the bent surface and the angle of reflection of light rays change, which in turn significantly reduces the amount of glare from the sun and artificial lighting devices also.

5. Stylish and Eye Catching 

Stylish and Attractive

If you are one of those people who care very much about looks. If it matters to you, at that point this will be the deciding point that will lead you to acquire one of these curved monitors.

The shape, edge, and design of a curved screen won’t leave anybody indifferent, draws the attention of the observer and, at the same time, they look better compared to flat screens.

Getting a curved monitor can be worthful for setting up your gaming or while watching your favorite movies making you feel all that much more enhanced experience ever than flat monitors.

In the addition to technical advantages, a curved appearance and can become the central design element of a high-tech room that looks futuristic view. This is a genuinely recent trend so far, so prepare to listen to many enthusiastic exclamations from your friends.

6. Improved Gaming Experience

Enhanced Gaming Experience

Curved computer monitors are popular with gamers as they help to fully immerse themselves in the game. Making the image more realistic by bending it around the player’s field of view makes the feeling of being there while playing your favorite video game. Only virtual reality glasses can compete in this.

So if you are especially fond of games, a curved monitor could be one of the biggest “upgrades“. The rendered image gives off to be much more realistic, it will enhance your gaming experience and leisure than a flat monitor, the use of a curved computer monitor can compensate you.

If you want to enjoy the big screen, at that point you need to sit at a sufficient distance from the monitor. In this manner, a curved display is more suited for gaming and the next level of immersion is especially appreciated by fans of 3D game lovers.

Also, for the individuals who need different screens for work or play, the ultra-wide monitors will allow them to manage without the other screen. When it comes to gaming, some of them even support the 21: 9 ultra-wide aspect ratio, bringing about all the advantages of a curved gaming monitor plus a wide field of view within the game.

When choosing, it is important to find a reliable manufacturer and to take into account some aspects such as the size of the screen, the aspect ratio, and other display parameters:

  • The eye can easily cover the entire space with an optimal diagonal size of 20-27 inches.
  • The screen aspect ratio should be 16: 9 to 21: 9. convenient for playing games comfortably.
  • Response time is often 2-5 ms, a higher value would not be suitable.
  • The number of frames per second (FPS), the norm is 120-144 Hz.
  • Higher the resolution, the better, with Full HD.
  • The highest standard, not all games are introduced in it yet.

5 Cons of Curved Monitor

As usual, nothing in this life is 100% good. Curved monitors also have their cons. Now let’s see what disadvantages and issues, the curved screens and monitors have.

1. More Expensive

Perhaps one of the most important drawbacks of curved monitors and TVs (at least decent models) are priced much higher than flat ones. Curved monitors cost high even same sized models, and we rarely see an inexpensive one in this category.

Diagonal size, design, enhanced experience, and assembly process gain too much importance: To benefit from curved TVs, you must pay for this. Not all consolidated household budgets are prepared for such a cost.

If what you are searching for is high-performance gaming yet if you have a tight budget, a flat 24 ”1080 144hz screen can be a large portion of the cost of a curved one, and if it is ultrawide we are not talking.

Flat monitor models today cost about 20-30% less than curved models.

When buying, if you want to save money, then be aware that a curved screen will not allow you to do this. If you primarily use your computer monitor for productivity or typical daily activities, you might need to invest in a flat monitor with a higher resolution or a larger screen at the same cost.

2. Wall Mounting Problems

Unlike flat monitors, which are typically positioned flush with the adjacent wall. But the shape and design of curved screens make the monitors often more difficult to mount on the wall that’s why they require specific mounts and positioning to mount.

You will need to buy a mounting bracket, swivel and tilt mounts are the alternatives to overcome the overall mounting hurdle, also they look great with the stand or dresser.

Wall Mounting brackets

In spite of the fact that manufacturing companies produce special brackets, they actually suggest installing them on flat surfaces. A wall-mounted curved screen looks less fancy or doesn’t look very organic on a wall compared to a flat monitor(but that’s a matter of taste).

The good news is that this is, for the most part, a superficial question and doesn’t affect performance at all.

3. Limited Viewing Angles

The curved screen shows all its charm on one condition that is you have to sit positioned to the center in the front of the screen. This is all about the angles, neither from the side, nor from above, and no, not from below unless curved screens naturally restrict your viewing range.

Best spot to view full of curved monitors

Therefore, if you like to watch movies with someone like your friend or your entire family then you should aware that ideal viewing angles will be only when you are in the middle of the screen, for the rest of outside the centerline, the viewing angles, will be annoying with degraded image quality.

Along with this, curved screens project light at endless angles, compared to a single angle for flat screens. This causes more glare seeing the screen from a genuinely low angle. This implies that the optimal viewing angle is smaller on curved screens than on flat ones.

You can avoid this glaring issue by placing your curved monitor as far away as possible from light sources such as windows and lamps.

Best location is center in the front of the screen

That’s a reason, in the case of curved monitor side viewers will watch in poor contrast angles with optical distortion. Thus, the curved monitor is very best for a single user to enjoy by sitting in the middle of the screen.

4. Need More Space  

The first thing is curved monitors need a little bit large space than flat panels and the second thing is that the most common aspect ratio is 21:9 in the case of curved monitors implies that they are much wider in relation to the height.

Curved displays have a certain depth and are large in size due to the curve. So adequate secured space is required for installation. The disadvantage is that you must have some space so you don’t feel oppressive.

Need More Space On the Desk

A 21: 9 monitor offers roughly 33% more space in the horizontal dimension compared to a standard 16: 9 screen. Having the extra space on the horizontal screen of a curved monitor further complements its benefits.

This is something worth being thankful for, and yet, it limits the options that you will find in the market. If you want a 16: 9 ratio with a curved screen, it will be almost impossible for you to find it, and if you do discover it will be over the top expensive because it is a “rare” product.

5. Not Perfect For All Work

The curved monitors are very possible to enhance your gaming and movie-watching experience. But the problem that arises with bent screens concerns professional use such as 2D and 3D modeling, and design, architecture but as long as the shape isn’t excessively steep.

However, as far as productivity, curved screen monitors probably have no additional benefits for the job or may even disrupt the general flow. It is quite inconvenient to perform video editing as everything on the screen is very distorted on a curved screen, making the straight vertical or horizontal lines of the video seem twisted.

In general, we can say that curved monitors are truly favorable for more natural shapes and a little bit in reading, yet not for displaying texts, planes, or lines. If you do, illustration activities, or editing graphic design on your PC, these monitors may not for you.

Another disadvantage can also arise when watching the video on platforms like youtube and similar ones having a 16: 9 aspect ratio, so you will see black bars. Fortunately, this isn’t the situation with movies, a majority of them are perfectly compatible with ultra monitors.

~ Despite this, a curved monitor isn’t awful for profitability if you know how to use it right.

You can likewise hope for something else and more video content to support the 21: 9 aspect ratio in the future. Alternatively, you may prefer less expensive curved monitors if you primarily use your screen for media consumption.

What’s better for Gaming Curved or Flat Monitor?

In the case of gaming, the curved monitors are clear winners compared with a flat monitor. The main reason people tend to buy a curved monitor is not only the level of immersion in the game but also the comfort of your eyes.

better for Gaming Curved or Flat Monitor

If you upgrade a PC with the curved monitor as said enhances your immersive gaming experience will make your gaming sessions much more realistic and enjoyable by curving it around the player’s field of view in 3D games or fast-paced games like GTA5, PUBG, Fortnite, League of Legends, NBA 2K20 basketball matches.

If your main focus is playing video games with a high budget then a curved monitor with 1800r will be best, make feeling you more comfortable with a more natural viewing experience than the flat monitor.

Are Curved Monitors Good for Office Work?

A curved monitor can be the best choice in an office to work in the conditions of working with multiple windows side-by-side since it is bigger in size. And you can increase your workflow by adjusting two regular monitors, especially if you are not specifically sharp at technology.

At the same time the drawback of the curved-screen in performing the activities like graphic designing, digital editing, illustrative activities, photographers, and video editors. Also, there is a limited viewing angle you need to sit right-center in the front of the monitor this can disturb your colleague when working together.

Since curved monitor primarily made for enhancing gaming experience and ultra-widescreen for realistic viewing around the field.

Is a curved screen better than a flat?

Should I Choose a Flat or Curved Monitor

The curved monitor is better in the case of only buying it for purposes like experiencing realistic gaming and watching the movie at a greater experience with a quite high budget. However, you can also get a flat monitor as a good choice if you use it primarily for activities like programming, graphic designing, and editing.

To take full advantage of a curved monitor, you sit as near to the center as possible. Therefore, if we watch a movie in a gathering, the feelings of individuals will differ depending on the position. In the worst scenario, viewers will sit in the most extreme places, which leads to the biggest downside of the curved monitor.

Regardless of the budget, if for reason you actually need to have a curved monitor, there isn’t really wrong with buying a standard 16: 9 curved screen that isn’t significantly more costly than its flat counterparts. Keep in mind, however, that you likely won’t get similar satisfaction from ultrawide curved monitors that way.

Does Curved Suits Multi-Monitor Settings?

Curved monitors are less suited to configurations of multi-monitor setups together, all because of their design making them virtually unusable for this use. So, if you are one of the users who need to work, or do some other activity with multiple monitors together, the most suitable thing is to opt for flat screens.

Should I Choose a Flat or Curved Monitor?

Curved monitors can enhance your gaming or video viewing experience. However, if you are building or upgrading a computer on a budget, it may be better to put your money on flat computer monitors. Instead, look for more added value, such as a higher refresh rate display or a better graphics card.

Remember, however, that you probably won’t get a similar fulfillment from ultrawide curved monitors that way. The budget-friendliness, configurations of multi-monitor setups favorable, and space-saving on the desk are the only benefits of a flat monitor over the curved monitor.

Curved computer monitors have many benefits like realistic gaming and immersive level of viewing but the only flaw is their expensive cost, issues like wall mounting, limited viewing angles, and not being suitable for the tasks like programming, graphic designing, and editing primarily.

Summary Benefits and Downside of Curved Monitors

A Comprehensive guide on Pros and Cons of Curved Monitor

FAQs related to Curved Monitor

Why curved monitors were created?

Curved monitors were introduced to make up for the distance between individual areas of the screen and the human eye. This technology simulates the natural curvature of the eye so that it evens out the gaps between individual image areas so as to provide a great experience with reducing eye strain.

Is a curved monitor good for reading, editing, and illustrating?

In general, we can say that there is no problem in reading on the curved monitor, but not for displaying shapes, planes, or lines. If you do, illustration activities, or editing graphic design on your PC then these monitors may not for you.

Is a curved monitor good for programming?

A flat-monitor is can be the best option for programming rather than a curved one. Because curved monitors are best for watching movies, and gaming experience. However, you can also have a curved monitor but first, you need to take into consideration several factors for the overall use of the monitor.

Are curved monitors a fad?

It is also a fact that curved monitors are somehow a fad after using them in a long run. This might be a minor issue if you are concerned about gaming with a great immersive viewing experience.

Which is better 1800r or 1500r?

The optimal value for a curved monitor is 1800r as it provides the most immersive experience while playing the game and watching a movie with a reducing eyestrain than a 1500r display. However, advanced curved panels of 3000r to 4000r provide the best cinematic experience, with panoramic views, and high contrast enhances colors.

Final Words

With all that said, the conclusion is simple. You can buy in the event that you have some extra money. The curved monitor has benefits with little minuses too, however, whether these pluses are worth the money, it is difficult to answer a clear cut.

Moreover, it is worth remembering that the experience and pleasure of playing on a curved monitor will extraordinarily rely upon the monitor model because they differ a lot from one another in the range of curvature aspect ratio, ideal distance to the eyes, and general parameters of monitors.

So far our article on the pros and cons of curved monitors. I hope you liked it and that you find it very helpful. You can share it on social networks so that it can help other users.

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