What is a Good Upload Speed for Gaming & Streaming?

Very few gamers give importance to the upload speed of the internet during online multiplayer gaming because many don’t know what is a good upload speed for gaming? And here, I will explain the role of upload speed and the ideal Mbps needed to enjoy online games.

Importance of a Good Upload Speed for Gaming

“Upload speed,” often referred to as “upstream,” is the speed of the Internet at which data is sent from your device to other people or servers on the Internet. A good upload speed is important for online gaming because it determines how fast you can send data to the game server, such as player movement, attacks, and voice chat.

When playing games online, your computer needs to upload data over the Internet to communicate with other players and the server to keep track of game information. This influences the quality of your voice chat, the speed at which chat messages are sent out, and map updates. Also, it’s responsible for faster loading times when joining a new lobby or map.

If your upload speed is too slow, it can cause lag, increasing high ping value and make the gameplay experience less enjoyable.

While playing the game, your device constantly uses data, but the good news is that your upload data speed usage is lesser than your download speed at a specific time. This applies to both PC and consoles. Since most modern games host the game files locally, on your computer or console, it only sends a small amount of data at a time.

What is a Good upload Speed for Gaming?

In online gaming, lag or latency can significantly impact gameplay. A lower upload speed than recommended causes delays between your actions and the game’s response, making difficult to play competitively. It can also make the game feel sluggish or unresponsive, affecting the overall experience.

You don’t need a lot of upload speed to enjoy the game. A general rule of thumb is around 5Mbps of upload speed. If the upload speed is insufficient, the movement of the character you control will not be smooth for other participants.

What is a Good Upload Speed for Gaming

While the minimum upload speed of is 3Mbps would be sufficient for gaming (these numbers are based on one device running one activity at a time).

If multiple devices are connected to your home Wi-Fi network while gaming or streaming or in case network congestion, slow internet speeds can cause a lag, making your gaming experience frustrating.

What is a good upload speed for Streaming Games?

If you play games normally, 5Mbps of upload speed is fine. However, for those who want to stream games on Twitch, youtube, etc., the upload speed you’ll need increases. It is better to have a margin of 20 Mbps or more for smooth gaming and streaming at the same time.

To make it easier for you, here are the minimum upload speed requirements for live streaming on the most popular platforms:

Upload Speed


720p @ 30 fps


720p @ 60 fps


1080p @ 30 fps


1080p @ 60 fps

Youtube Gaming

3 Mbps

4.5 Mbps

4.5 Mbps

6 Mbps


1.5 - 4 Mbps

2 - 6 Mbps

3.6 Mbps

4 - 9 Mbps

Facebook Gaming

3 Mbps

3 Mbps

6 Mbps

6 Mbps

This is because if you want to deliver a reasonable image quality, you need a stable upload of 10 Mbps or more. Considering you need 10Mbps to stream a game and 5Mbps to play, 15Mbps is the bare minimum.

For more stability without any issues, think about 30 Mbps as a margin to stream games.

Tips to Improve Your Upload Speed

Though the minimum upload speed for gaming is 3Mbps, you should aim for a higher one. Here are some tips to help you improve your internet connection:

  • Upgrading Internet Plan – Your provider may have multiple plans available with different levels of service. If possible, upgrade your plan with faster download and upload speeds.
  • Move Closer to Your Router – If your router is near the edge of your house or apartment, you may be too far away to get a good connection. Try moving it closer, or else you move closer tour the router and see if it makes a difference in your speed.
  • Change the Channel – Routers broadcast on various channels, and if two routers are broadcasting on the same channel, it can significantly reduce your speed. Try changing to best channels for 5Ghz or 2Ghz or the one that is less crowded.
  • Wired connection – For PC gaming, an ethernet connection will give you the best speed either for downloading or uploading. Normally, a internet speed connection above 10Mbps ethernet lights blinks.

Final Words

Upload speed these days, a minimum of 5 to 20 megabits per second, is pretty common. It’s still much slower than the accompanying download speeds, which are increasingly pushing into the triple digit range, sometimes even on lower priced plans.

At last, aim for at least 5Mbps of upload speed from your internet connection for online gaming and 20Mbps for both gaming and streaming together.

This does not mean that with lower speeds we cannot play most games, but it does mean that it would be advisable to at least have that number to avoid problems.

However, although that is the recommended speed, the truth is that most computers on the market ask to have at least 3 Mbps download. It is a speed that today practically all connections have and there would be no major problems.

Of course, we are talking about something minimal. For many games to work well, we are going to have to have 10-15 Mbps and even more than 25 Mbps, in some cases.

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