Why Upgrade RAM? What are the Advantages of Increasing RAM?

Quite often, in the hunt to increase the performance of their computer or laptop, users resort to increasing the amount of RAM. But why upgrade RAM only? What are the advantages of increasing the RAM in laptops and desktops?

Many people consider adding more RAM for many different reasons, such as – a computer with little RAM can cause things to get stuck. Also, if you start to experience that your computer’s everyday processes are slow and heavy, increasing your RAM may be a good idea.

But wait, Can doubling the amount of primary memory – the RAM greatly increase the performance of a gaming laptop or computer? The benefits of a memory upgrade might rely upon how you use your PC. And here, I will uncover the facts and benefits of more RAM. Let’s get started!

Why & When Upgrade RAM?

When the digital computer becomes too slow, you need to check what you can upgrade to improve its performance. One of the affordable improvements you can make is to increase the RAM.

It does not involve a very high investment and, in general, it helps our computer to be faster. You don’t have to be an expert. You have to consider some details, and below are the signs that indicate your laptop or desktop is in demand to add more RAM.

Signs of needing more RAM on your computer:

The first point you notice is that your computer slows down or crashes. First, you suspect that your computer is out of memory. It’s only after the problems have repeated that you’ll find out if there’s a severe problem with your computer’s hardware.

If the hourglass icon keeps spinning or the screen freezes frequently, it’s another hint to consider adding more memory to your computer, mainly in the case of large sized monitor and resolution. Let’s now read about the benefits of more RAM.

Benefits of Increasing RAM

Benefits of Increasing RAM for your Laptop/Desktop.

RAM capacity is expressed in terms of gigabytes. The more you have, the more space you’re giving yourself to work with. More space will improve your performance overall. 6 benefits that come along with having increased RAM are:

1. Better simultaneous operation of programs

Multitaskers benefit from a memory upgrade, as more memory implies more programs can run simultaneously. Computers can experience significant slowdowns when running a larger number of programs at once before upgrading the memory.

When running a program like a word processor, emulators, and browsers like chrome and firefox, the microprocessor extracts the executable file from the hard drive and loads it into RAM. The RAM usage for such programs tend to be large than others.

Thus, when opening multiple applications simultaneously, insufficient memory will cause Windows to run very slow. Therefore, the RAM upgrade ensures running more applications simultaneously and that the computer works more fluidly.

Memory upgrade wipes out this issue; additional memory becomes distributed when opening multiple programs simultaneously. RAM upgrades are thought to accelerate a computer; however, in reality, they assist PCs with staying away from bottleneck impacts when attempting to run a series of high-memory programs.

For example, when you are reading files, writing emails, and responding to messages. When this happens, the processor has to choose which program to run – by adding more memory, and it can ignore these other programs and devote all of its’ power to one file.

2. Increased computer startup time

Even when running multiple programs, the startup may become delayed if your computer does not have enough space to do so. If you are using something that requires a lot of power, such as video editing, you will notice that the capacity is insufficient.

When PC RAM capacity is increased, not only the startup time but also the PC shutdown time significantly improves.

With increased RAM, when any program is run, a computer can run at a much faster rate than before, even if it is a single process. If you are working on video editing while running multiple CPU functions in the background, your PC will be able to perform all these operations at an increased rate.

3. Efficient internet browsing

Adding 4 GB RAM or more will allow you to watch videos or your favorite movies online without interruptions.

Of course, the benefits of having a high RAM will be experienced throughout the web browsing, allowing you to have a maximum number of tabs that can run concurrently on the browser without problems, which can be very useful for studying online and working.

Internet surfing after a memory upgrade tends to be noticeably quicker than before the upgrade. Internet browsers load quicker after a memory upgrade, regardless of Internet speed or hardwired internet. In addition to web pages opening more quickly, a memory upgrade can likewise make flash content open faster.

This is because the computer uses hard disk memory when it can’t find RAM space to store information; post-upgrade, more RAM is accessible, making perusing quicker. Thus, upgrading your memory might possibly assist with further, whether for work or play!

Computers connected to a LAN or WAN network may see increased sharing speed and capacity after a RAM upgrade. This extends to printer sharing in between computer networks. Individuals who print numerous things, especially items with illustrations & graphics, might look into a memory upgrade to make printing faster.

4. Improved Gaming & GUI performance

If you run several resource-intensive programs simultaneously, you will probably notice how the computer’s overall performance decreases, and it is possible that the computer even starts to slow down. Increasing the amount of RAM for gaming solves this problem. In this case, adding more RAM is the right solution.

PC games and graphics applications require at least 16 GB of RAM to make the experience smoother if your PC is primarily concerned with these purposes.

If your gaming computer fulfills these RAM needs. In that case, you will not have any problem with programs that demand those resources, allowing you to play without interruptions and increasing the chances of winning. Games run more smoothly without slower response times. Notwithstanding quicker interactivity with more minor jerky movements.

PCs with more memory introduced have better 3D rendering capabilities with greater detail than computers with a minimal amount of RAM. Pictures in a game become cleaner and more brilliant with a memory upgrade.

The operating system selectively uses the graphical user interface or GUI features, depending on its computing power. The more RAM on a PC, the more graphics-intensive features are enabled.

In the absence of memory, the operating system reduces user interface resources such as shadowing, animations, and so forth. That’s why GPU is equipped with sufficient VRAM.

Note: Overall PC performance increases with increasing RAM. However, if there is too much RAM, the further increase will have no effect on the speed of the computer.

5. Faster Data Transfer

Do you know? Increasing RAM amount can significantly improve data transfer rates between devices and disk. You will notice a slight improvement in downloading or uploading files and data on the Internet, but how?

When you copy data from one part of the hard drive to another part, it is first copied to RAM and pasted to the new location. Increasing RAM capacity provides more space to paste data. Hence bigger amounts of RAM make this stage go much more quickly. This is the same while downloading or uploading.

6. Helps the processor be faster & reduce CPU load

The speed of a computer depends on many factors, one of which has the most weight for the processor. It can be said that it is about the brain because it performs different calculations and the required operations at all times.

Increasing the RAM sticks with high frequency ones (like 3600 Mhz or more) can work with more information simultaneously, making it easier for the processor to access the data more efficiently and quickly, especially less core processors like AMD athlon, Intel’s Pentium, and Celeron CPUs.

One question may arise in your mind that,

How much amount of RAM should I add to my Laptop or my Desktop?

The simple answer to this question is depends on your needs. Roughly I can say that adding only 4GB RAM to your existing 4GB RAM is pretty enough to meet the basic needs. However, in the case of intensive tasks like gaming, video editing, and designing, it is suggested to have at least 16GB DDR4 RAM on your computer.


How do you know if your RAM is not enough?

Start all the applications you use in your daily work, then open the Task Manager and see the percentage of used memory. If you have more than 80% memory in use, a RAM upgrade is likely beneficial to you.

Do the latest versions of applications and programs require more RAM than previous ones?

Undoubtedly, the release of new versions of operating systems and the update of application programs requires more memory than the previous one. This is especially true for applications such as photo editing software, video editing software, and games. Similarly, new hardware components such as graphics cards, storage drives, and even processors require enough memory to deliver the expected performance levels.

What is the advantage of adding more RAM to a laptop?

The significant advantage of adding more memory is the faster processing speed of your laptop. If there is not enough memory, the laptop will try to replace the memory by storing the data in the storage types like SSD or HDD.

Is 4GB RAM standard or 8GB?

4 GB is a volume designed for simple tasks and office applications. This volume is disappearing, and modern applications require much more resources of random access memory. If 8 GB is the standard, then 4 GB is the “absolute minimum”. This amount of memory is enough for a quiet web surfing in two or three tabs, a pacifying session in a game of ten years ago, as well as watching videos.

Is Will increasing the amount of RAM help to fix the "slowdown" in computer games?

This situation is somewhat more complicated than the previous ones. Unfortunately, the amount of RAM is not the determining factor in system performance in all cases. In the case of computer games, the video card also plays an important role. Some modern games have very high demands on the performance of the video card. Therefore, first of all, study the specification of a particular computer game and the technical parameters of the video card installed in your system.

Is it true that the 32-bit version of Windows cannot use more than 4 GB of RAM?

Yes, the 32-bit versions of OS and programs cannot use more than 4 GB of RAM. So, if you find it worthwhile to use 8GB of memory, then make sure you have a 64-bit version of the software and OS.

Wrapping Up

The benefits of adding memory to a computer are apparent in terms of improving processing speed and are visibly effective. It is also recommended that even beginners who always see 90 to 100% usage of RAM can add a RAM bar in their motherboard slot relatively easily by checking the manual.

Also, when purchasing a particular RAM module, do not forget to check the compatibility of the memory module with the motherboard importantly so you can assure a good RAM lifespan. If it is incompatible DRAM lit up on motherboard.

If you purchase a large-capacity product or a product with the wrong standard and add it, you may not be able to add it, or it may not be effective. Make sure to check carefully before making a purchase and add more memory to your laptop.

In general, the operation of any computer is favored by the expansion of the RAM. So the amount of memory you need in your system will depend on how much you use your computer, how long you would like to continue using it, and the maximum expandable capacity.

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