How To Turn Off Computer Fan? 3 Possible Ways to Disable Fan.

All computers use a fan to prevent the central processing unit (CPU) from overheating. In this post, I will help to let you know how to turn off computer Fan by sharing 3 Possible Ways to Disable Fan so as to cool down the processor and get rid of needless noise and overheating.

Fans in most computers are used as the primary means of cooling for critical internal components and often heavy loads on the processor and video card can cause a drop in the operating speed of the PC. It is vital to monitor and maintain the good temperature of CPU to avoid damage to other components and thermal throttling caused by overheating.

Depending on the fan type like DC or PWM, its noise level, operating speed, and, as a result, the computer performance and cooling efficiency may differ.

How To Turn Off Computer Fan?

The higher the speed at which the propellers can operate, the greater the effect will be. At the same time, the noise level (of course, it can, since the amount of noise also depends on the fan model, brand & quality) may differ.

I will tell you 3 ways on how to turn off computer fans in order to reduce power usage and needless noise in your system.

3 Ways to Disable Fan

1. Turn off the fan via the BIOS (system setup menu).

Follow the given steps that will help you to turn off the computer fan via BIOS or UEFI mode:

Step 1

The first step is to restart the computer. The BIOS menu can be accessible while your computer is booting.

Step 2

While your computer is booting by hold down the suitable button (depending on your computer manufacturer’s manual) in order to enter the BIOS menu. However, the most usual keys likely to be, ‘F2’, ‘F8’, ‘F10’ or ‘F12’ key.

Step 3

Find the section “Smart Fan“/”Fan Settings” select it. The fan settings will generally be located under “CPU“, “Hardware Monitor” or “Advanced“. Find one of these and press “Enter” to find the fan settings to change its setting into “disabled”.

Bios hardware fan control settings

You can also adjust its voltage using the “CPU Fan Voltage” setting to change the fan speed (If available). You can use the “Go Back” option to return to the previous screen.

Step 4

Now we need to save the settings. To do this, find the button with the name “Save & Exit Setup” and click “Ok”. We reboot into the system as usual and your computer will restart and the new fan settings will take effect automatically

2. Turn off the fan physically via the Motherboard.

Motherboard Plug
Step 1

In order to disable a case fan physically. You need to turn off the Computer and physically unplug the power plug from the power supply.

Step 2

First, remove the screw of the computer case with a screwdriver. Slide the cover back from the case front and off the case cover.

Step 3

Find the fan’s power supply wire from the body of the fan until it connects with a cord leading directly from the power supply or to a plugin the motherboard.

Step 4

Now, in order to turn off the fan, just simply unplug it from the motherboard or the power supply. Thus, it is an easy and simple way to turn off the computer fan.

3. Turn off the fan using Software.

There below given is the software from which you can turn off or even can control the fan speed as per your needs.

  • SpeedFan
  • AMD OverDrive
  • MSI Afterburner
  • smcFan Control
  • ASUS AI Suite
Software to control and disable fan speed

The main limitation of such software is that to turn fans off will only work on adjustable fans and most of the fans aren’t adjustable.

You can check the fan software, if any of the above-given works for you then you can download them that let you turn on/off or regulate the speed of the fan and other fan control functions with a huge range of possibilities.

Note: Strange noises like the grinding sound of a fan is one of the bad signs of power supply failure.

Final Words:

If the 1st way is not accessible for you then I suggest using the 2nd way to disable the fan because it is easy and simple. The 3rd way is very limited to the users due to the lack of availability of adjustable fans.

I hope one of the above ways will definitely work for you. You can also share the post ‘How To Turn Off Computer Fan‘. on social networks Cheers!

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